Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

It’s all about pumpkins and Fall colors! This year, I decided to craft more on pumpkins and decorate our house in an all Autumn-theme. I’m starting to like Fall more and more after moving here in Georgia! I started to love the Fall colors-orange, red and yellow. I love to see pumpkin patches, corn mazes, sunflowers and the smell of cinnamon and pinecones. What I love about living here in the South is that I get to decorate every season- Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  And what I love about decorating my house is that I get to do it with my kids. Me and my husband loves to do everything ourselves. One thing is that labor is very expensive here in the US and the other thing is we love the feeling of accomplishing something we did! I usually buy my crafting materials at the dollar store or Michael’s craft store. Don’t forget to check their Weekly deals and coupons. You can save a lot! I also save all the crafts I made for the next year.

So, I just want to share some of the Fall decorations I made with my kids. I didn’t make my house look creepy like last year. I want our house to look more kid-friendly.


I turned our lamp into a mummy. 😊


We made a mummy pumpkin with plastic spider eyelashes and an alien pumpkin. I love these half pumpkins I bought at Michael’s craft store. I bought it for $2.50 each after coupons. What I like about these pumpkins is I can carve it and I can use it every year. I used masking tape to make it look like a mummy.


Final look of our mummy lamp.


Final look of our 3D pumpkin wall art.


3 plastic buckets from the dollar store and an old witch hat.


I love our burlap wreath. I made it last year and I just change the decoration every season.


Our Fall-themed front porch.


Our mantle. ❤️

Disclaimer: This is a personal post with all my crafts and DIY projects. I was not paid and not promoting any company. If you would are interested in purchasing any of my projects, please send me a message at: http://www.facebook.com/paintathomemom



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