DIY Decoupage Family Rules

This is an easy project. Just takes a bit of time.

What you’ll need:

a big canvas (i used 16×24)


printer paper


black acrylic

medium paintbrush

black sharpie

modge podge

modge podge rolling pin


Step 1: Paint all the sides of the canvas black.

Step 2: While waiting for it to dry, write down what you want to put for your family rules. Be creative. Remember, it’s your family rules so choose the rules that you and your kids want to follow.


Step 3: Type it. Use different fonts for each rule. Make some of the rules in bold letters. Make it big. I made each rule in different sizes from size 80-110.

Step 4: Print it. Cut each line.


Step 5: Put modge podge at the back of each cut outs and stick it on the canvas. You can put it however you want it to look- vertical or horizontal. Let it dry for atleast an hour. It will have some bubbles. Just leave it. It will smoothen once it’s dry.

Step 6: Put modge podge all over the canvas even on top of the cut outs. Use the modge podge rolling pin to even it out. Let it dry overnight.

Step 7: Hang on the wall.


This is our finished decoupage Family Rules.

Please share if you like it. 😊


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