DIY Decoupage Silhouette Family Wall Art

Here’s another idea for a fun but different family portrait- a silhouette on canvas.

What you’ll need:

canvas (1 canvas per family member)


printer paper


acrylic ink (black, white)

medium paint brush

aluminum foil

old newspaper

modge podge

modge podge rolling pin


Step 1: Look for a side view picture or take a close-up side view picture of each member of your family. Crop it just above the shoulders. Right click the picture and print to size 8×11.

Step 2: Paint all the sides of the canvas black. You can also paint all the canvas black if you want a white silhouette. Let it dry.

Step 3: Cut the paper making sure you don’t cut any part of the face. Place it on top of an aluminum foil before painting it so the paper won’t stick. I’ve read other people have painted it on a cardboard or newspaper and the paper got glued on it after the paint dried. Paint the picture black if you want a black silhouette. If you want a white silhouette, trace it to a white paper. Cut it again. (Why?) It’s hard to cover a printed picture with white acrylic paint. (See last canvas on picture below). If you keep on painting it, the paper will rip apart.


I alternate my silhouette to 2 blacks and 2 whites so it’s balanced. For the white silhouette, I painted the canvas black and for the black silhouette, I painted the picture (after cutting) black.


Let it dry overnight.

Step 4: Place the silhouettes on top of the canvas. Cut the bottom if it’s longer than the canvas.

Step 5: Put modge podge at the back of the silhouette and place it on the canvas. It will create bubbles but it will smooth out once it’s dry. Let it dry for atleast an hour.

Step 6: Put modge podge all over the canvas. Even on top of the silhouette. Use a modge podge rolling pin to spread it evenly. Let it dry.

Step 7: Hang on the wall.


This is my finished family silhouette on canvas. Share yours in the comments. 😊

I also made a matching Family Rules on a bigger canvas. I will post it on another blog.


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