Easy DIY Burlap Wreath

I made our burlap wreath a year ago. I read different tutorials on Pinterest and decided to make one myself because 1st, a ready made wreath can range from $60-$100+. 2nd, i love creating my own decor and 3rd, i like that I can customize it every season.

So, here’s what you’ll need:

a 12-inch wire wreath form

2 rolls of 6″ wide burlap ribbons


fake or real flowers, ornaments or wooden letter to embellish

floral wire (optional)

Tie a knot on the wire wreath form with one end of the burlap ribbon. Then push the burlap thru one of the sections of the wreath form and twist it so the loop os sideways. Then continue making loops in the next wire opening (right next to the one you just did) to hold the previos loop in place. Push it after every few loops so there will be no space (it keeps it together) and makes it look fluffier. You will need 2 rolls of burlap to finish this project. When you’re done, just cut the excess burlap if there is, and either tie a knot or use a floral wire to tie the end.


Now that you’re done with the wreath. Add the embelishments. I either sew it by hand with a needle and thread or i use a floral wire to hold the flowers and leaves. Sometimes, I add a wooden letter too. I don’t use glue because I change the embellishments every season.


Fall/Halloween 2014


Winter 2014


Valentine’s 2015


Fall 2015

Please share if you like this post and share your wreath projects in the comment below. 😊

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