Salt Dough Christmas Ornament

This is a christmas ornament we made last Christmas. It is made of flour, salt and water. I posted how to make it on my previous blog. This is a nice tradition to do with the kids every year.

What you’ll need:

2 cups flour

1 cup salt

1 cup warm water

acrylic paint

small paint brush


Set the oven to 200F.


I just mixed the flour, salt and water. Form it to a dough then flatten it on a baking sheet. Put your kids hand or foot print on the dough. Cut the sides. Put a hole on top using a stick.


Bake it for an hour. Let it cool.

Paint it to whatever Christmas character you like. I made a Santa and Olaf Snowman.


Put a string on the hole and let your kids hang it to your Christmas tree on Christmas eve.

Please share if you like it. 😊


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