Popsicle Dollar Wreath Christmas Decor

You can’t go wrong with the dollar store. It’s always the cheapest store to go to for crafty stay at home moms like me. I found a wreath and some fake cherry branch and decided to make a Christmas decor for our mantle.


I already have this Snow spray from Michael’s. I just use it to make my Christmas decors wintery. (It is optional).


After putting everything together, this is what the wreath looks like.


Next, I glued the edges of popsicle sticks together to form letters. I made “N,E,L” I used big popsicle sticks and E-6000 glue. (I used the star on a different project.)


After it dries, I painted it with red acrylic paint. I let it dry before letting my son paint it with white lines.


I already have small bottles of acylic paint. They cost around 50 cents at Michael’s craft store.


And this is the finished product of our popsicle dollar wreath decor.

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