Easy Snowman Door Decor

This is another easy and fun craft with the kids! It teaches shapes and colors and enhances their motor skills.

Everything I used in this project are materials that I already have in my pantry- coffee filters, string, scissors, black construction paper or black plastic table cloth, orange paper and leftover wrapper.

First, I made the snowflakes. I folded 2 coffee filters 3x like in the picture.


Then I cut both sides with triangles, diamonds and circles. You can cut the top too. Repeat the same procedure with different shapes 10x.

So now, I have 10 different shapes of snowflakes with 2 snowflakes of the same shape. I put some glue at the back of one snowflake, attach the string in the middle and stick the other coffee filter of the same shape to the one with glue.


Next, my son and I draw and cut some circles from an old black plastic table cloth. You can also use black construction paper. We made a total of 11 circles.


Then we cut a rectangle (around 2 inches in height and the size of the door in length). We also cut a triangle from the orange paper.

We put tape at the back of each circle, the orange triangle and the wrapping paper. Then we stick it to our interior front door: 2 black circles for the eyes, orange paper for the nose, 5 circles for the mouth, the wrapping paper for the scarf and 4 circles at the bottom for the buttons. Then finally, I hang the string of coffee filter snow flakes on each side of the snowman.



My kids love it and everytime they come down the stairs, they shout, “SNOWMAN!”

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