Wagon Fire truck

Our son loves fire trucks and decided to be a firefighter for Halloween so I made him a fire truck using our wagon for Trick or Treat.

Materials I used:

wagon (we already have one)

an old big box (that luckily fitted the wagon)



red and white acrylic paint

paint brush

masking tape

duck tape

printer (optional)

We also added a short hose and a small fire extinguisher to make it more realistic.


I made the ladder first using one side of the box. I used scissors for the edges and cutter for the middle part. Then, i wrapped it with a white table cloth and taped the back side with masking tape.

Then using a cutter, I made a window on one side and a door on the other side. I also added a small window at the back of the wagon so the kids can have a view outside from all the sides. I didn’t really made measurements.



I covered all the box prints with masking tape so it’s easier to paint.


Then I started painting the fire truck red. While it was drying up, I printed some words, added his name and his favorite number. If you don’t want to paint, you can use red construction or felt paper or red table cloth.


Then I painted a white line near the bottom of the box.

I taped a red plastic cup on top for the siren.


I sealed all the edges with a duck tape so it won’t easily tear apart.

To make it more realistic, we added a short water hose and a real small fire extinguisher.




Our firefighter is having a blast with his new firetruck!

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