Nativity Luminary in a Jar

This was a diy project I made last Christmas! I’ve always wanted to have a nativity and wondered why not make one outdoors?

So, I’m sharing you what I used and how I made it.

2 Big pasta jars or big mason jars

a nativity silhouette I searched on google (I liked the one with the holy family and another one with the 3 kings)

2 solar lights I got at the dollar store

any type of ribbon

glue gun

modge podge


snow spray I got from Michael’s (optional)

First, I searched for the nativity silhouette that I want to use on google. I printed it out and cut the sides.



Then using modge podge, I glued the front of the silhouette print-out inside of the pasta/mason jar.

After it dried, I sprayed some snow spray inside the jar to add some special effects.

Then I removed the handles of the solar lights, covered the sides with a ribbon, and placed it on top of the pasta/mason jar.


Closer look:



And this is my finished project. Our outdoor nativity scene that glows at night!


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