Wood furniture staining

Our friend/neighbor gave us an antique hutch I wanted to stain to match our dining set but didn’t know how to stain.

After a few tips on Pinterest and youtube videos, I decided to do it. I was feeling lazy to sand it cause I thought it was time consuming and as I just said, I was feeling lazy. Lol

So this is what our hutch looks like before  I stained it.



My husband found this Stain + poly which is perfect cause polyurethane seals it. It adds gloss after you stain it and it doesn’t have harsh odor.


The 1st thing I did was remove all the metal drawer pull handles and door knobs.

Then I sanded it. Each section took me about a minute (as what my sister-in-law have researched.)

Note: If you do not sand a finished furniture, any paint or stain will not hold on to it. It’s useless. If you will paint a furniture, you either sand it or prime it before painting. But if you want the wood grain look, the best thing to do is stain it.


I used a sanding block.

After sanding it, I wiped it clean and vacummed all the dust on the floor.

Then I mixed the stain and started staining it with a medium sized paint brush. You must finish staining one section/side at a time so it will have an even finish. After staining, you must wipe  of the section that you stained with a dry towel to remove any excess stain and drippings. You can stain it again as many times as you want just wipe it after each time you stain it. I stained each section 3 times.

I ordered the Victorian looking glass drawer pull handles on Amazon.


And this is my finished product. I love it!


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