Monogram wreath with fresh holly bushes

I love making our own wreath. It’s fun and unique. I saw some holly bushes in our yard and thought of adding it to add something fresh.

Note: Fresh holly bushes will only last 2 weeks.


What I used:

an old wreath

some fresh holly bushes

a monogram I found on sale at Michael’s craft store

a gold acrylic paint and paintbrush


floral or bead wire

red decorative mesh I got at the dollar store for the ribbon

a wooden clothes pin

wood glue

First, I painted the monogram with gold paint. You can also use gold glitters instead of paint.

Then I wired the holly bushes to the wreath.

I made a ribbon from the red mesh. Here’s the youtube video tutorial on how to make the ribbon.

Then I attached the ribbon to the monogram with a floral wire.

I glued the clothespin at the back of the monogram so I can attach it to the wreath and remove it easily.


And this is my finished monogram holly wreath.


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