DIY Sea glass vases

I’ve been saving liquor bottles for this project.

Materials needed:

wine bottles or any glass

white glue

food coloring

paint sponge or brush

disposable bowl/plate

1st, I washed the bottles. To have the sticker label removed, I soaked the bottles in warm water with liquid dish soap for 30 minutes, then I scrubbed the label off with sponge.


Once all the labels are off, I dried it off.

When it’s all dried up, I mixed one food coloring per bottle with white glue. Any brand will do. I used 1 disposable bowl for each bottle.

I painted the bottom of the bottle 1st. Then the top to down strokes.

I rinsed the sponge after painting each bottle.


After I finished painting it, I let it dry overnight.

And this is the result. 🙂


I added some twine for a cooler effect.

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6 thoughts on “DIY Sea glass vases

  1. Just started to seaside theme my bathroom so this is perfect timing thank you :~)
    I don’t know if you know this but if you mix PVA (Elmer’s) glue with water to 50/50 ratio and paint it on thinly it will give a varnished effect.
    I’ll paint jars for q-tips and bathroom bits and I’ll varnish because of the steam.
    Again thanks for sharing and the clear tutorial

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