DIY Corkboard shadowbox

I made a corkboard shadowbox for my hubby for Valentine’s and our 6th wedding anniversary.

I found this box shelf at Michael’s craft store on sale. After gluing the corks inside the box with wood glue, I printed my favorite bible verse and glued it on each cork with our names and wedding date.



Then I sealed it with Modge podge.

Then we have this plastic frame so I decided to add our picture and a monogram. I cut the frame in square, same shape as the shadowbox. I used wood glue to stick it in.

While it was drying, I printed our picture and monogram and taped it infront of the plastic frame.

When the frame was dry, I slid the plastic to the frame so I can easily open and close it. I can even put an led candle inside for a cooler effect.


Disclaimer: This is a personal post with all my crafts and DIY projects. I was not paid and not promoting any company. If you would are interested in purchasing any of my projects, please send me a message at:



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