Buzz light year pizza tray

I’ve been busy preparing for my eldest son’s 4th birthday and I started planning it since January. He wants a Toy Story and Star Wars LEGO Theme. So good luck Mama. I have to be creative to combine these 2 themes.

One of the diy’s I made was a buzz light year spaceship pizza tray.

Materials I used:

3 pizza trays (from the dollar store)

3 small empty cans of soup

2 jar covers (for the bottom)

neon green poster paper (dollar store)

purple construction paper

black electrical tape

silver metallic duct tape



This is why I had to start working on the details 2 months before.

1st, I saved all the small cans we used. After washing it in the dishwasher, it was easy to remove the labels. Then I let it dry.

After it’s dry, I covered the (open part) with masking tape and made it the bottom part (I did this with all 3 cans)

After that, I covered all cans with the silver duct tape.

I cut thick strips around 1.5 inches of the neon green poster paper. (Just enough to fit around the cans)

Then I cut about half an inch strips of the purple construction paper. (Again, just enough length to cover the cans.

I taped the neon green and purple strips with the black electrical tape around the can. (I did this with the 2 cans) (You can refer to the pictures below).

Then I cut an oval shape from the neon green paper to look like the wings of the spaceship.


For the top part, I made a cone shape from the neon paper or you can use any cardboard. I cut the bottom straight. Placed it on top of the 3rd can and wrapped  silver duct tape all around it.


For the bottom of the spaceship, I used 2 jar lids and covered it with electrical tape.

I will update this post with a picture of the finished product (with pizza ofcourse!) of this cool Buzz light year space ship after my son’s party. 🙂


The pizza tray held the stuffed crust pizzas but I would recommend adding something inside the cans like beans to hold it better.






Disclaimer: This is a personal post with all my crafts and DIY projects. I was not paid and not promoting any company. If you would are interested in purchasing any of my projects, please send me a message at:


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