The giving plate

I went to our church’s MOPS meeting yesterday for the 1st time and had a great time with other moms sharing stories, watching inspiring videosand doing crafts. We had a potluck dinner too.

So the craft we did last night was to decorate a giving plate. After decorating it, we had to bake it in the oven.

I baked my plate at 350•F for 40 minutes and left it inside the oven until it cooled off.

I liked how it turned out. I added the date I made it and our family name at the back of the plate hoping it will get passed on a lot of families in different states (and countries). I think it will be cool if my kids can have it back when they have their own families. What do you think?


Disclaimer: This is a personal post with all my crafts and DIY projects. I was not paid and not promoting any company. If you would are interested in purchasing any of my projects, please send me a message at:


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