World map stencil on pallet

I want to make a wall art with all our traveling pictures to get inspired to travel again. I’m a former travel consultant and I love traveling. I’m scared of heights and can’t swim but I love riding airplanes and boats. I grew up in the tropical country, the Philippines with 7,000+ islands and lived in Hawaii for almost 2 years but no I can’t swim. Lol

So I’ve started my project with a world map stencil on a pallet. And oh boy, it was a lot of work sticking all the small islands. I had a hard time sticking the countries in Asia the most. But atlast, I’m done.


And this is my finished craft.


I will update this post when I’m done with our travel art wall. Mesnwhile, please like and share if you like this post. Thank you and I hope I’ve inspired all my readers.

Disclaimer: This is a personal post with all my crafts and DIY projects. I was not paid and not promoting any company. If you would are interested in purchasing any of my projects, please send me a message at:


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